Buy or Sell a Bussiness

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brokers looking for the best business opportunities for clientsMore so now than ever it can be really tricky in to start a successful business in today’s market. Of course you want something that is going to be rewarding to you, but you also need it to be profitable. It’s an extremely rewarding feeling watching your business grow when you have built it form the ground up. There are many types of business owners out there with different strength. These individuals have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, there are those that are well organized and know how to notice the little things when it comes to improving company operations on a day to day basis. Still, there are others who are skilled at branding and getting the business off the ground running.

How a Business Broker Can Help

For some people, they get more out of the thrill of coming up with the idea and making the company a success than actually running it for the long term. For people like these locally, taking the time to find a Phoenix business broker can make a huge difference when it comes to how successful you are in the business exchange transaction. Its never a good idea to simply jump into a decision this large on your own without the help of a professional. Calling a broker like Brian Bond, is one of the first steps towards making a successful exchange of an Arizona business.

A franchise consultant can help you value a potential new business you are looking to buy or help you figure out how much our current one should sell for in the current market. You never want to overpay or leave money on the table simply because you don’t have the knowledge and skills to value a company. So whether you need help with deciding on how high of a price to offer on a company you are trying to purchase or could use a second opinion how much to list your current business for sale for, a Broker can help.

How We Made Our Dream House in Santa Cruz

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The Mrs. and I are now at point in our lives where we can afford to build the home we’ve always dreamed of. The plan is not an oversized mansion, but a quaint villa for one early-fifties couple in central California, just outside of Santa Cruz. I used to be a professional building planner, so I mapped out the blueprints on my own. I have also put in a healthy portion of work into constructing the foundation and frame. Luckily, I happen to know a few friends in construction that I knew would do a good job. If you plan right, you should be able to erect your ideal house at an affordable price tag, but you must account for every cost during the planning stages. Several of the major components involved in planning a home are displayed below.Plumbing Repairs - Pipes and Wrenches

Plumbing is costly to repair. Make sure the person you hire is highly recommended so you don’t end up giving out money like an ATM just a couple years after installation when drains stop and pipes burst. Ask your neighbors or consult online reviews to find a Santa Cruz plumbing company.

Electrical wiring and installations is one task that you don’t want to try to do yourself if you aren’t a trained professional. Unlike plumbing problems with symptoms like dripping water and slow drains, signs of an electrical problem can be a house fire or electrocution. For electric car charger installations LED lighting, whole home wiring, call a residential electrician to stay out of harm’s way.

It doesn’t hurt to have the contact information for several other recommended contractors like appliance repair and lawn care. My home will be complete with wall paper, marble countertops, and major appliances in 6 weeks, and will be completely furnished shortly after. We have decided to leave most of the yard work incomplete to have a project we can enjoy doing together during the coming several years. Any project you think you are capable of doing safely yourself, do yourself. Your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Shopping for Backup Home Generators

August 20, 2013 in Business

There are a lot of thing I like about living on the East Coast, but the storm seasons here are not one of them. This year has been particularly bad as far as storm seasons go. Its never fun having to sit inside and wait out a storm no matter what time of year it is but it’s even less bearable when you lose power. Normally when it’s raining out, I tend to get on the computer or watch tv shows but when you lose power for a day or more it really limits what your able to do. Even reading a book is difficult without ample light in the house.

backup generator for when the power goes outThroughout the years I have just gone with the punches so to speak as far as the local weather is concerned. When it rains and storms I stay inside and wait patiently and when the power goes out I have waited less patiently for it to come back on for life to go back to normal again. Last year after it was all said and done I think I spent nearly a month without power. Since I was dreading the possibility of this happening again, I started to shop around for a generators near Baltimore Maryland so I could enjoy power in at least a couple of rooms and be able to cook when the inevitable event of the power going out happened this year.

I had no idea what I was looking for at first, only that I was tired of being completely in the dark without any electricity and wanted the basics. It’s a good thing because some of the larger “whole house” generators can costs a pretty penny to purchase, install, and keep running. After making the call to Arundel Cooling at 1-888-278-6335 I had a much better idea what I was looking for. Long story short, life with a generator makes getting through storm season around here much more pleasant. Now all my friends want to come over when the power goes out, which makes passing the time even easier.

Protect Your Business With Commercial Grade Window Film

June 6, 2013 in Business

Protecting Your Investment

a roll of window film for window tintingLet’s face it. If you own a business in a populous city then you know that one of the most important things for your business is protection. With the sheer number of people in a major city such as Los Angeles crime is bound to happen at some point or another. The best thing you can do is take various precautionary steps to further protect your business. There are a few options you can take as a business owner to do that.

One of the best things you can do is provide a security system for your business that includes alarms and/or security cameras. You may not be able to always be at your business to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely. Having the ability to have an alarm to notify for law enforcement if something is happening can really save you a lot of hassle if something were to happen. Also, having the added bonus of being able to monitor your business with security cameras is also extremely beneficial. Next step can be to update all the locks on your doors and windows of your business. Older locks may be easier to pick and broken down. Having the most up to date security locks can really protect your business.a commercial window tint installation job complete

Lastly, adding protective window film can also help make your business more secure. Window film can add privacy to your business and help strengthen glass from shattering. If you contact a Los Angeles window tinting company they can provide you with various levels of cost effective security measures.

When You Need Your Printing Yesterday

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My business got itself into a little bit of a pickle recently. My business creates pamphlets, flyers, and posters among other things for people. Anyways, we had a project recently to print out a thousand pamphlets to another local small business in the Richmond area. Unfortunately for us our main printer decided to break down on us before we could get the project started. It was an older printer that was literally on its last leg. We needed to find another printer and we needed to find it quickly. The project was time sensitive, so the quicker we could get a new printer the better.

So, the search began. My business partner and I searched for a Richmond office printer and copier service provider. We found one that was extremely well rated and was very knowledgeable in the printer industry. This particular company carried all the name brands, but beyond that they were able to figure out what was best for our business. They start out by examining our current business and the amount of workflow we deal with using our printers. They recommended a printer that would fit our needs, which was extremely helpful.

Next they were able to come deliver the printer to us and install it. This process was extremely quick and efficient. Of course with every new printer came a new set of instructions. However, they were able to teach us how to use our new printer, which was much more convenient than thumbing through a bulky instruction manual. We were able to get back to business in no time and complete the job. We highly recommend this printer service for any business!

Get Your Company Noticed

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There’s an old saying that goes, “Free advice is worth what you pay for it.” In some cases that’s true. But in this blog we like to say, “Our advice is worth five times what you pay for it.”

All kidding aside, there are so many directions to go in if you’re looking at expanding the marketing for your company, or even if you’re just getting started, that they can sometimes cause “analysis paralysis”. So in this blog, we’re giving you the one piece of advice that cuts through all the noise. If you can do just one thing to market your company, this is the one to do. Ready? It’s just three simple letters: S. E. O. Search engine optimization.

One of the first things you did when you decided to start a business was get a website put together, right? Either you did it yourself or you hired someone else but you knew you had to have a “presence” on the web, if for no other reason than to have something else on your business cards. And maybe that was the end of it. Maybe you didn’t think about it again.

But there isn’t any question anymore, you have to think about it. Practically anyone who is looking for your service is going to search on the internet first. And unless you’re incredibly lucky, you won’t be found. Why? Because all your serious competitors are hiring SEO guys to make sure their site is found among the top search listings.

So how do you get a piece of the action? Do a search of your own! Go to Google and type in “SEO company Richmond VA” (or whatever city is nearest you) and you’ll be presented with a list of professionals who can get your business noticed on the web. After all, there are about a trillion web pages out there. What’s the likelihood that someone will stumble across yours by accident?

Finding an MBA Program in 2013

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Since today’s job market is so competitive, its absolutely essential for most people to go the extra mile in one way or another to get the job they want. In many cases this extra mile has to do with the education they attain before they step into the interview. One of the problems facing America today is unemployment. In many cases, there are jobs available but not the right person to fill them. Companies simply cannot afford to hire an untrained individual who has a generic four year college degree and put them on anything important. That’s why its so essential to get the right education for the job you want and be realistic about what you can go after with your current level of experience, classroom time, and training.

One of the best ways to get around this lack of experience and education is with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree. When I started my path towards my future after my degree I took a look at lists of the top MBA programs in the Country. This is a good place to start but there are really many different factors to consider when you go to look for a business school. Many people don’t want to sacrifice their whole lives for a post graduate degree so things like location and whether you will be able to work part time while you are in graduate school are things to think about. In most MBA programs, there are different options for pacing yourself where you can go full time, take classes online or even one or two nights a week.

An MBA degree is more valuable than ever because of the increased need for educated employees in some of the countries top companies. Any program you choose will put you head and shoulders above the competition when you are looking for your next job. That’s because people with a specialized MBA degree go through years of classroom training for specific business practices and applications. Since you are also required to get real world experience in business, you will have much valued experience to show your next potential employer. So get out there, look at the different schools and programs available for a business degree and change your life for the better through extended education.

How to Market your Product

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There is a long established set of rules known as the four P’s for marketing any product, assuming there is potential demand for it. The P’s of marketing are product, place, price, and promotion.

Product. This is the tangible good or actual service that is in question. Does the product satisfy a need, providing value to a potential consumer? You need to understand what about your product is appealing to people. If you are selling windows, for example, you need to understand what attracts people to one window over another. Color, insulation, number of glass panes, and hinge versus sliding styles are all factors in this category.

Place. A good or service might thrive and be tremendously profitable in one area, but fail miserably in another. Know the economic status and price sensitivity of the demographic in your area. Is the target audience looking for this product in stores, online, or in catalogs? In our example of replacement windows, an urban area with lots of 20 something’s will probably buy more vinyl windows that are less of a long term investment, while later middle-aged couples in the suburbs are more likely to make a bigger investment in a product like windows from Renewal by Andersen.

Price. A high price tag can scare some buyers away. On the other hand, a price tag that is too low will ruin your profit margin. Also, a low price tag for luxury products takes away from the prestige of the item and can make it less desirable to big spenders. Discounts and sales are another aspect of this P category.

Promotion. Finally, the one marketing element that we are all too familiar with. I bet you didn’t think it was just one fourth of the equation though, did you? Also known as advertising, promotion can happen in a number of forms. TV, radio, direct mail, and billboards are all traditional forms. More and more businesses are spending more of their marketing budget on digital channels. For example, many customers want to do research before buying, so they might Google “replacement windows Rhode Island.” There is a lot companies can do these days to make sure their product shows up when that search happens. The best promotional strategies have streamlined messages and/or discounts across all forms of communication.

Time to start marketing your product! Remember, use the 4 P’s for a successful campaign.